Baillet Artifacts

Baillet artifacts
Poetry by Jennie Baillet

Over arching dome of blue,
Symbol apt of all things true,
Ever distant, always near,
Furnishing our daily cheer,
Furnishing our daily light,
And the shadows meet for night,
Whereso’er in space we roam
Thou dost make for us a home,
We call thee “heaven,” and all we know
Of heaven in nature thou dost show.

First prize in a Nashville Banner competition.

Common Sense Column

Tullahoma Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Wanted – Boys
Yes, boys are wanted that shall grow to be men,
In righteousness grounded, men brave, noble, free;
Men honest and upright, men daring and true;
Possessing deep wisdom, to ripe knowledge due;
Men pure in their lives, in convictions intense,
Who gauge all their actions by good common sense;
Who will not be bought, and who cannot be sold,
Who prize their integrity higher than gold.

All these we can have, when our boys shall be men,
If only, right now, we take stock in the then.
One price, for each share! Will you buy while you can?
Buy manhood in futures-a “safe and sane” plan,
Price: Each day’s installment just faithfully paid;
By a duty well done, a timely word said,
A wrong fifly reproved, a temptation spurned;
And each day’s lesson well taught and well learned.

O! The boys will repay you, never you fear,
Growing higher and better, as year by year
They follow the ways you map out for them;
The ways of wisdom, approved of all men.
Then deeply consider, O! Men of to-day,
Your boys will walk, as you showed them the way;
Will you lead them down to perdition’s brink?
The choice is before you, oh, stop and think!
— Jane Baillet

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