About the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center

Baillet House

baillet5The Baillet House, which serves as part of the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center, is the oldest brick building in Tullahoma. Part of the structure dates to the founding of the city in 1852. Tradition holds that the first school built in Tullahoma by the railroad company was erected at the site. Later the building was used as a hospital by Confederate and Union forces during the American Civil War.

The Baillet family built a home at the site using bricks from the Lupher brickyard in 1868. The house, located at 401 South Jackson Street, sits across from land that the Tullahoma founders had originally planned as the town’s square. The town’s center actually developed several blocks north of the area, where three of the Baillet sisters owned and operated a millinery shop.

One hundred years later the Baillet home was restored by volunteers interested in preserving the historic building as a center for the arts.

A new wing, the Regional Museum of Art, was added in 1992. It brought a modern art gallery to the center and expanded TFAC’s classroom, office and storage space.

About the TFAC director

Lucy Hollis, a native of Murfreesboro in Rutherford county, has lived in Tullahoma since 1967, when she began teaching art at Tullahoma High School. Those early years brought her in contact with a group of art supporters that eventually founded the Gallery House-now the Tullahoma Fine Arts Center/Regional Art Museum.

She is certified as an instructor for Art, Psychology, and History and has taught Art, Psychology, and History in the Tullahoma School System ( and interim instructor at Motlow Junior College) prior to her position at the TFAC.

She has studied art with numerous nationally recognized artists through the years including: Judy Betts, Barbara Nechis, Charles Reid, Don Stone, David Lytie Millard, Ray Kinstler, Tom Lynch, David LeDoux, Chris Koczwara, among others. She is a certified instructor of Art for the Tennessee Department of Education (since 1965), and an archival preservationist.